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Re: [nafex] Squirrel Recipes

Though I have never cooked squirrel I will nevertheless give advice on it. I
would think that the flavor of squirrel, like any other meat (yuck!), has to be
affected by what it eats. When I used to eat meat, I could tell the difference
between corn or grass fed beef, or if deer had been eating acorns or apples and
even if they were happy or had been frightened and the adrenaline had been
pumping. If you want squirrel to taste good (or better) try feeding them.
Experiment with different types of grain, fruit and seeds. Chances are the best
tasting squirrels will be eating what you least want to share with them, the
fruits of your labor.

Doreen Howard wrote:

> Seriously, folks, does anyone have a decent recipe for squirrel stew?  The
> one and only time I ate squirrel stew, it was awful.  Two spoonsful were all
> I could get down.  It was at an Indian Stomp Dance (Chickasaw tribe) in
> Ardmore, OK, where the Indians prepared a large cast iron cauldron of the
> stew for everyone to sample--along with pashofa (a corn meal gruel) and
> grape dumplings (which were outstanding).  The stew was greasy, gamy and
> tough.  Given the access to squirrel I have, an edible stew or even roasted
> squirrel recipes would be a way to turn the tree rats into something
> positive.  And, the recipes would make a great addition to a NAFEX Road
> and/or Tree Kill Cookbook.  I'll volunteer to put a book together, if you
> all will contribute recipes.
> Doreen Howard

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