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Re: [nafex] Rabbits

Yes, Brian.  Been there, done that.
Very effective.  Lasts all winter.  Interesting to note that if a spot is missed, say 1x8, the varmints will strip that area right up to the Thiram.


Raby, Brian {20-4~Indianapolis} wrote:

   Question:  I know the standard of painting tree trunks and limbs with white LATEX paint.  Has anyone tried to use a Thiram mix, generally thought to repel rabbits from garden sites, with the Latex paint?  In theory, this could be a formula to use to keep the rabbit from nibbling at the bark.BrianSheridan, IN
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I have always found that in the winter you should keep pruning your trees and throw the prunings on top of the snow.  Usually the rabbits will eat the tender prunings first.  As it snows more do more pruning.  They liked pear prunings better than applewood and didn't touch plum or apricot.  Judson L. Frisk
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HELP !!!!     The rabbits are starting to eat the bark of my little apple trees. Does anyone know an easy way to prevent this? Jack WigalWashington, WV
[Gene Spears] Jack,    After a disasterous, rabbit-infested winter, I bought a lot of plastic tree guards through AM Leonard (on-line now).  Not too expensive, easy to apply & remove, appear to last several years (2 seasons so far and only a little brittle and discolored), and they keep the rabbits off the bark.  They are only a couple of feet high, so if you get a really deep snow, you might want to hustle out & slide them up the trunk a bit.       If the rabbits have already done some damage, you might try a caulking gun and a silicon-based caulk to cover the wounds.  Someone on the list suggested this to me & I think it saved a few of my trees (but not the Honeycrisp, alas).genespears@lmc.edu

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