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Re: [nafex] Re: Online AND Print

I want my Pomona in print form, for browsing through old issues, and perhaps
eventually for giving away to my kids or a novice enthusiast.  Pomona is
never dated material, the observations in it will be good 50 years from now.
It is not a read and toss publication, and the paper it's printed on is not
wasted.  If anyone does read and toss theirs, perhaps we should encourage
them to donate their issues to their local library. I'm already competing
with my husband for time on this damned machine, time I would begrudge to
reading something I can get in print form now.  That's my 2 cents worth.
P.S. My husband is emphatic that he does not want to wait for the machine
while I read my Pomona on it!!    Donna

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