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[nafex] Re: Online AND Print

--- In nafex@egroups.com, edforest55@h... wrote:
> For those of you who would like your copy of Pomona on paper, please 
> reconsider, we're talking about a lot of paper here and fossil fuels 
> for shipping...
I think that we should move 
> towards a trend of higher prices for the printed version and lowered 
> prices for the online one.
> Kevin B

A subscription to HortIdeas is $22.00 for the print version. For awhile the e-mail version was free and is now just $15.00.

It is generally a lot less expensive to publish online. Newspapers and magazines are moving online and can give the news away as they do on TV and Radio for the simple reason that Printing cost a lot of money. They can make just as much as ever or more in advertising (which is the only way they ever made any money anyway) and save all the expense of paper, ink and delivery AND trees!

Tom B.

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