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[nafex] Re: Online vs. Print


I agree, If there were an option to receive Pomona Online I would also like to "Save a Tree" and forgo the paper version. I don't think anyone was discussing "Not printing Pomona" though...Just the possibility of putting material ONLINE that would probably not all be available through POMONA. It just wouldn't be possible. You cannot have hypertext links, chat, etc. on paper

Another thing you can't get on paper is instant feedback. If published in Pomona my last message MIGHT appear in the Spring 2001 issue. With Online Chat... The information related in a chat room, like the spoken word, is GONE in a few seconds. Few will get anything out of it unless a transcript is kept and published somewhere.

My main concern: This e-list carries on with little reference to POMONA or the rest of the NAFEX membership. 

For some numbers: thereare currently about 200 members on this e-list. NAFEX membership as awhole numbers over 3,000. So less than 7 percent of NAFEX is actually participating in this e-list. What percentage would participate in an online chat? To help balance things out... (I really don't know if this has already been done or ever discussed but...) perhaps the discussions on this e-list could be condensed and included in POMONA from time to time... or published as a supplement.

Since joining this list I can hardly keep up with the volume of information being exchanged. It is like getting POMONA every day. It is GREAT!  But it seems like 93 percent of NAFEX is being left out. Those commenting or asking questions here are also, perhaps, missing out on the EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE of 93 percent of the NAFEX membership. Can we find ways to bridge the gap?


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