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[nafex] Re: NAFEX Handbook

--- In nafex@egroups.com, rick valley <bamboogrove@c...> wrote:

> >What is the audience for the handbook - beginners, novices, experts?
> entry to mid

I would also very much include experienced NAFEXians...

Although containing practical "down to earth" information  about grafting, tree planting, etc. I would say that the bulk of the origional Handbook dealt with the NAFEX "Vision" or the history, goals and long range purpose of the organization... and more broadly the history and long range goal of "Fruit Exploration"... going back as far as the biblical figures of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden... and looking forward to a restoration of that Paradise on Earth.

Theoretically NAFEXians could be holding the scion of the origional Tree of Life... kept alive through the Eons.

Fruit Exploration is not unlike the quest for the Holy Grail. A spiritual mission.

But alas. we are caught up in royalty payments, copyright issues, dollor figures,...

Necessary considerations. I suppose, but not the type of thing that has kept NAFEX an active and vital organization over the years.

Sometimes the experienced Nurseryman... the businessman... needs to be reminded of that VISION most of all and remember that the "product" he is dealing is not just a product but LIFE as well as Spirit and also our future and that of our great great grandchildren... who will either delight in the fresh fruit from the trees their forfathers planted... or not.

My main concern regarding a revison of the handbook by another author or authors is that the Goddess POMONA will not find a place... wondering through its pages as she did in the origional.

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