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Re: [nafex] Handbook We'll publish it is NAFEX has given it up.

Yankee Permaculture would be pleased to publish the handbook, revised, 
re-edited, and updated, on a short run basis, if NAFEX should decide to 
relinquish their share of the copyright to the author, as now has been 
suggested. (This is subject to approval of the editorial work.)  In my view, 
the author should have had full copyright all along.  It may be that the 
author would be willing to relinquish limited rights to put up a web page 
with SELECTIONS from the present version of the handbook in exchange for 
copyright.  I'd certainly favor that as one (of thousands) NAFEX member.  I 
think it would be foolish of the author to allow the entire publication to be 
posted on the web.  Of course that is entirely up to him.

So the board really has no reason to block publication of a new edition any 
longer. It can accept the original proposal if it is still offered or 
relinquish the copyright and see it published at no work or expense to NAFEX. 

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