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[nafex] Handbook

There are a few additional issues to consider. I don't think that Mr Fishman ever made it a requirement that NAFEX give up copyright. It was considered at one point years ago but that is all as far as I can tell.

Personally I feel a little uncomfortable about the idea of Nafex giving up copyright to an individual. What is the NAFEX handbook without the NAFEX oranization? Why should ANY organization be persuaded to give up rights to a publication that carries its name and LOGO? Without nafex what would Mr Fishman have had to write about? What purpose would a NAFEX handbook have without NAFEX?

It has also come to my attention that apparently others in NAFEX were involved in various ways in the writing and production of the handbook and received little or no credit or compensation. Not that they were undeserving or that their contributions were without weight or merit. They simply never made an issue of it. The Handbook was not entirely a one man production but a product of the organization as a whole.

The arrangement regarding copyright ensures that nothing is done without the consent and agreement of all the parties involved. I'm not so sure this is a bad arrangement. 

However, if an agreement cannot be reached... would it not make more sense for Mr Fishman to give up copyright if there seemed a need for one party or the other to do so. After all, as much as I may like and respect the man and consider him a gifted writer,... 

  it is not the "Ram Fishman Handbook" is it?

Tom Booth

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