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Re: [nafex] Handbook We'll publish it is NAFEX has given it up.

In a message dated 12/19/00 1:24:32 PM, sweetent@home.com writes:

<< Just a suggestion, include a membership application as part of the book
at no cost to NAFEX in exchange for the copyright ownership of NAFEX in
the handbook.

Claude Sweet

It would be reasonable, but not relevant as copyright would reside with t he 
author.  Of course, I would want to work out cooperative marketing with NAFEX 
in any case.  However that horse is so far ahead of the load that the cart is 
out of sight.  

As a NAFEX member, I think it would be better for the board to come to terms 
with the author.  As a prospective publisher, there is no guarantee that we 
would meet the author's requirements either, though we would perhaps put more 
energy into negotiation and finding mutually satisfactory solutions than has 
the board, according to the reports on this list.  And I would want to see 
more substance in the book.  I was frankly dissapointed in it as a 
lightweight item.  So there are more negotiations needed there, if the time 
comes.  However I think a handbook for NAFEX members and people who haven't  
yet joined is important enough to risk some of our very scarce capital.  When 
something is the right thing to do, timidity becomes unethical.


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