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Re: [nafex] Handbook We'll publish it is NAFEX has given it up.

PermacultureNo1@aol.com wrote:
> It would be reasonable, but not relevant as copyright would reside with t he
> author.  Of course, I would want to work out cooperative marketing with NAFEX
> in any case.  However that horse is so far ahead of the load that the cart is
> out of sight.

I don't wish to claim the expertise of an attorney on copyrights, but as
an author I have had experience and can state that both the author and
the publisher can own copyrights.

For example, I as an author can transfer a one time North American right
to publish my article to a publisher. The publisher will copyright the

It is in fact the second copyright that becomes a problem, especially if
the publisher then converts the material to a CD or a web site, when
people assume that the original article's rights reside with the
publisher and not the author.

Even with a contract, it is the enforcement that it can be a major
problem when a author needs to seek damages from a third party who
thinks they have obtained a legal right to use the author's materials
without the author receiving compensation.

Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA

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