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Re: [nafex] subscribe/help/blueberries

	Richard, I still can't access through yahoo to get at past mail to look 
this up for you; but my notes say that on Jan. 21 was a post by a blueberry 
grower who was mentioning a way to make your own web site. I have written   
www.rockypointblueberries.com  it has a site on choosing and planting blues. 
  I wanted to compliment them on a fine job of web  building by an amature 
at such- it inspired me to take the plunge. Thanks Rocky Point!   Minnesota 

>From: Richard Tripp <rtripp@u.washington.edu>
>Reply-To: nafex@yahoogroups.com
>To: Nafex <nafex@yahoogroups.com>
>Subject: [nafex] subscribe/help/blueberries
>Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 12:00:51 -0800 (PST)
>Good day nafexers.   A couple who plan to start a few acres of blueberries
>wish to contact some of you who have experience with blueberry culture;
>varieties etc.  I suggested to them that they peruse this list for help.
>First I need to pass on to her h ow to subscribe to the
>list.  Instructions would be appreciated since things have changed since
>I joined the list.

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