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[nafex] Re: Yahoo terms of service

Being a computer/tech idiot/dummie, I'd not been able to understand much of 
the consternation over the takeover by YahooGroups - so far as I can tell, 
I'm still getting all my NAFEX messages, but after reading Chris 
Mauchline's most recent post, I'm thinking, "Maybe I'm missing something." 
(and, I probably am!).

Maybe some of you kind, enlightened souls would care to raise my level of 
awareness - perhaps off-list, if you think it would otherwise clutter up 
the discussion list or raise the ire of those who don't like to see 
non-fruit topics discussed here.

Chris wrote:
>    1) Would our own listserv have a Web interface for reading
>messages?  - Currently (although I still have a digest sent to my
>email) I read the messages for NAFEX on the Web almost exclusively.
I was going to ask, 'What's a Web interface', but never mind, I've figured 
it out now - I can/do check my email messages via Webmail from the computer 
at home; now I understand.

>    2) How would we get/transfer the archive, (which has now become a
>useful resource)?
I had no idea we had an archive - anyone care to enlighten me as to how to 
go about accessing it?

Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY

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