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Re: [permaculture] Poison ivy eradication

Roundup has systemic action so it goes into the roots
and kills the plant.  Yet, for poison ivy you will often
need to spray more than once for effective kill due
to its tenacious, perennial nature.

If you have a patch of poison ivy that is 5 feet
wide and 20 feet long, or some patch that is too big for careful hand removal, that's where Roundup is useful.
For a few plants, you can just chop the plant
stem at the base with a long-handled shovel. If you see a poison ivy trunk growing up a tree.... even monster trunks up to 3-4 inches in diameter.... you can wait until winter. In the dormant season, you can cut the woody
trunk at the base.  Interestingly, severing
a big vine in the dormant season is often fatal to the plant. It does not sprout back. I forgot to mention that the Tecnu brand of products has revolutionized the alleviation of suffering from rashes. It removes the
urushiol oils from your skin, which soap
and water alone don't do very well. Washing
with Tecnu helps avoid a rash developing,
and reduces suffering once you do get it.
Washing your clothes with Tecnu can help
prevent re-exposure.


I'm working through my 3rd rash this season.
There are two roadside vegetation and
gardening projects I'm working on with monster poison ivy patches, so it's on my mind. Steve Diver

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