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Re: Grazing small sheep (Gulf Coast variety) in apple orchardsto keep grass down & feed the sheep

Linda Hardesty conducted agroforestry research on orchard
grazing with sheep for several years in the Pacific Northwest,
including SARE grants, and published several papers.   The
focus was cherry orchard grazing with sheep, using electric
fencing and and bad-tasting sprays (e.g., lithium chloride et al)
to discourage "browsing."

Check out:

Ten Years of SARE:  Stone-Fruit Orchard Grazing with Sheep

Silvopastoral Options for Fruit Growers
SW89-017 WSARE Final Project Report

Integrated crop and livestock production in Inland Northwest
farming systems
Linda H. Hardesty and James A. Tiedeman
Am. J. Alt. Agric.
Volume 11, No. 2&3 (1996) | pages 21-26

Hardesty, L. H. and L. M. Lyon. 1995. Agroforestry opportunities
in the Northern California, Oregon, and Washington. pages 187-197.
In: Agroforestry and Sustainable Systems: Symposium proceedings.
USDA Forest Service, General Technical Report, RM-GTR-261.

Also see:

Housing, Husbandry, and Welfare of Sheep and Goats
Animal Welfare Information Center, NAL
Special Reference Briefs Series, SRB 97-07

keyword:  lithium

Integrating Trees with Livestock: To Reduce Use of
Conventional Fencing
RIRDC - Australia

Controlled Grazing in the Management of an Apple Orchard
Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (1994)

Outwintering Sheep Management in Extensive Orchard
Agronomy Department, Biotechnical Faculty, Slovenia

It is tempting to try miniature sheep in orchard grazing...
since they can't "reach up" and taste the leaves.... the
specialty Southdown breeds etc..... though I'm not
sure you really "graze" with these show lambs or you
just keep them pinned up like pets.

Steve Diver

"Lawrence F. London, Jr." wrote:

> Is there any reason not to graze small sheep (Gulf Coast variety) in apple orchards to keep grass from competing with the trees & feed the
> sheep? The orchard in question is a new one with young seedlings (first year).
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