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Steve Diver: Black soldier fly larvae for organic waste bioconversion

Date:         Wed, 21 Jan 2004 11:23:38 -0600
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From:         Steve Diver <steved@NCAT.ORG>
Subject:      Black soldier fly larvae for organic waste bioconversion
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Black soldier fly larvae for organic waste bioconversion


Dr. Paul Olivier with Engineering, Separation and Recycling LLC in Louisiana shared resources on black soldier fly larvae on the U.S. Compost Countil List.... USCC.

The Bio-Conversion of Putrescent Wastes with Black Soldier Fly Larvae http://www.esrla.com/brazil/frame.htm

Interestingly, he is author of.....

The Universe is One, Towards a Theory of Knowledge and Life by Paul A. Olivier http://www.amazon.com


A collection of resources on BSF were posted on USCC in June 2003:

USCC Web Email Archives http://mailman.cloudnet.com/pipermail/compost/

2003-June Archives by Subject http://mailman.cloudnet.com/pipermail/compost/2003-June/subject.html


Jacky Foo with Integrated Biosystems Network of IOBB hosted an electronic workshop on BSF. See the papers and discussion at:

Black Soldier Fly and Waste Recycling/Management http://segate.sunet.se/archives/et-jizo.html

Here is the agenda with papers:

Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 18:43:35 +0200 Sender: Insect Larvae in Organic Waste Recycling & Management <ET-JIZO @ SEGATE.SUNET.SE> From: List-administrator <foo@MUIENR.AC.UG> Subject: Papers for e-discussion http://segate.sunet.se/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind02&L=et-jizo&H=1&O=D&P=2300

-----Original Message----- From: Jacky Foo <foo@muienr.ac.ug>

I am happy to announce that the following materials are now available on the web and they will serve as discussion papers for the e-workshop (15 April to 17 May) on "Insect Larvae in Organic Waste Recycling and Management"

(1) Paul Olivier (USA). The Bio-Conversion of Putrescent Waste http://www.esrla.com/brasil/frame.htm Or http://www.esrla.com/pdf/Brazil.pdf

(2) Kevin Warburton & Vivienne Hallman (Australia). Processing of organic materials by the soldier fly, Hermetia illicens http://www.rirdc.gov.au/reports/Ras/01-174.pdf Page 118-129

(3) Craig Sheppard (USA). Black Soldier Fly and Others for Value-Added Manure Management Abstract: http://nespal.cpes.peachnet.edu/sustain/fly2.asp Full paper: http://nespal.cpes.peachnet.edu/sustain/ibs_conf.pdf

(4) Tran Tan Viet (Vietnam). Mass Production of Insect larvae http://www.esrla.com/tran/index.htm (under construction)

(5) Lylian Rodriguez, Siv Kong & Thomas R Preston (Cambodia). Insect larvae as recycling agents: an alternative for the conversion of organic wastes into high quality protein


Electronic Forum on Area-Wide Integration of Specialized Crop and Livestock Production hosts a paper by Paul Olivier:

Larval Bio-conversion by Paul Olivier http://lead.virtualcentre.org/en/ele/awi_2000/particip/oliver.pdf


Animal and Dairy Science at University of Georgia hosts a paper on BSF by Newton and Sheppard.

Soldier Fly Benefits: House Fly Control, Manure Volume Reduation, and Manure Nutrient Recycling G. L. Newton, D. C. Sheppard, S. A. Thompson, and S. I. Savage http://www.ads.uga.edu/annrpt/1995/95_311.htm

"A USDA Southern Region SARE/ACE grant (LS90-27, A Low Input Manure Management System in Animal Housing for House Fly Control, Waste Reduction and Feed Production) supported much of the research for this report."

Best regards,

Steve Diver http://www.attra.ncat.org