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[compost_tea] Re: flowforms

 "flowforms energized water"

this simple yields documents supporting the importance of flowforms 
and ACT


Vibrational Water Introduction
by Steve Diver
Vibrational water is a term we are using to encompass a broad range 
of concepts
and technologies related to energetic water themes.  Vibrational 
energy is an
emerging field in medicine, physics, and agriculture.  Thus, related 
terms include
vibrational medicine, vibrational physics, and vibrational 
One collaboration we are involved with uses the term quantum 
Technologies and practices associated with vibrational water include:
Reiki vibrated water, Sosei water, messages from water by Masaru 
Emoto, sai
sanjeevini enhanced water, flow forms, microbially remediated water, 

Perhaps you will notice that some of these practices deal with subtle 
energy (e.g.,
Reiki, sai sanjeevini), while others are grounded in mechanical-
biological (e.g., flow
forms, Effective Microorganisms).  We take a liberal approach and 
include all of
these practices and concepts under this large umbrella known as 
vibrational water. 

Water is an essential and critical component of life on planet 
earth.  We feel
vibrational water is an emerging field that offers another tool, 
another approach,
as a solution to worldwide pollution of this precious resource.  The 
National Water
 Center invites you to explore this topic. 

Vibrational Water:// Emerging Themes; Alternative Theories & 

--- In compost_tea@yahoogroups.com, "David Loring" <dloring3@c...> 
> Steve - I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say water 
can be energized, transformed and cleansed by water movement.  I 
looked at the article you pointed to on water movement and a catalyst 
and followed it to the original article which stated that movement 
(they used a stirring movement in this case but it could just as 
easily have been a plunging motion) was capable of imparting energy 
to a straight forward catalytic system involving water and I think it 
was Cupric oxide.  
> Please break down what you're referring to on transforming, 
energizing and cleansing of water.
> Dave Sotillo 50

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