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Re: Organic Article

E/The Environmental Magazine is a good, solid magazine.

We have read it regularly for 10-12 years.  Articles alone do
not make up a magazine, it also has news briefs on ecological
happenings around the world, and green products that provide
consumers with tools for sustainable living.

The E/Environmental website offers you a bargain.  You can go
into the archives and read past issues going back to 1996.


The item in the Commondreams article that caught my eye was
"nutrients in organic foods", referring to data in Journal of
Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

That was Virginia Worthington's paper.

Nutritional Quality of Organic Versus Conventional Fruits, Vegetables, and
Virginia Worthington
The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Year: 2001 Volume: 7 Number: 2 Pages: 161-173

Whereas the journal itself does not provide full-text access,
unless your library has a subscription, other web sites feature
the Worthington paper as part of a collection.

Organic Business in association with Organic Trade Services
offers a Library Index to online articles:

Organic Information : Organic By Subject

Which can be followed to:

Organic Information : Organic By Subject : Is Organic Food Healthier?

Which offers the Worthington paper as a PDF download:

Incidentally, there is an additional paper in The Journal of Alternative
& Complementary Medicine by Virginia Worthington, as well as
a response to her first paper.

Analyzing Data to Compare Nutrients in Conventional Versus Organic Crops
Virginia Worthington
The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Year: 2002 Volume: 8 Number: 5 Pages: 529-532

Response to Worthington on Nutritional Quality of Organic Versus
Fruits, Vegetables, and Grains
Robert A.J. Matthews
The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Year: 2002 Volume: 8 Number: 6 Pages: 695-696

As we think about linkages between agriculture and human health,
and as we explore alternative and complementary concepts and
practices in agriculture -- for example herbal and homeopathic
treatments for organic livestock health, where organically approved
products for animal health are limited  -- it is helpful to follow The
Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine.

We can learn ideas and practices for agriculture, by keeping
up with topics in alternative medicine and biophysics:

herbalism, homeopathy, naturopathy, mind-body, traditional healing
systems, energetic healing modalities, reiki, Qigong, acupuncture,
radionics, mind-body, water memory, biomagnetism...

Here is the journal website, from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publisher:

The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine

You can access Table of Contents to past issues in PDF,
going back to 1999:

Here is a web trick, a way to access Table of Contents in
HTML for Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine.

Go to Ingenta Select Journal Search:

Leave all the boxes blank except Journal Source, and type
in the journal title "Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine".

It provides 370 citations from past issues.  Sometimes,
you can click on View and read an abstract of the paper.

The other journal that addresses some of these topics, is Subtle Energies
& Energy Medicine Journal, published by ISSSEEM, The International
Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine.

Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal

ISSSEEM also publishes Bridges, the Magazine of The International
Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine.

It would be helpful for land-grant university libraries to have
these periodicals in their collection, a complete collection of past
issues, so agricultural researchers, teachers, students and
farmers visiting the library can keep up with developments in
alternative medicine, biology, and physics.


Steve Diver

Mike Miller wrote:

On Commondreams today there is an article:  Genetic Engineering vs. Organics:
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by Sally Deneen at


Here a interesting snip from article in the publication called E/The
Environmental Magazine.

"Of course, organic food may also carry benefits beyond food safety: a 2001
study in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine found that
organic crops had higher average levels of 21 nutrients studied, including
vitamin C and iron. Last March, research at the University of California
revealed that organic produce may contain more natural antioxidants, which
have been linked to reduced risk for cancer, stroke, heart disease, and other
illnesses. "

I was wondering if anyone gets this magazine and could offer some off list
observatons on the qualilty of this publication.  Is it a glossy coffee table
magazine or something more serious?  The above linked article seems to
suggest the latter but that is just one article.

Thanks, Mike Miller


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