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[compost_tea] Source for "Oklahoma Humus" -- Infinity Fertilizer

Compost tea practitioners are familiar with
Alaska Humus and they've heard of Georgia Humus.

Now, you can add Oklahoma Humus to your toolbox.

Passing along this source I just learned about
on Earth Day, April 22nd. 

Infinity Fertilizer
[Contact:  Richard Eckstein]
P.O. Box 89
Wildwood, OK  74964
918-422-4177 FAX
50-lb bag / $30

Richard said it comes from his family farm,
which has a 1,000 acre timber stand in the
Ozark Hills of Eastern Oklahoma. Basically, this
is forest humus that is bagged and sold as
an organic fertilizer.  

Based on the sample I obtained, it looks
and feels like a forest soil with lots of
organic matter but also clay.  It is
heavier than compost or peat humus.  

Richard hasn't run any microbiological lab
tests, yet. 

I'm passing this along in case you want to
try it out as a specialized substrate for
humus tea containing wild microbial strains
from Oklahoma.

Steve Diver

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