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Re: BD Now! Fukuoka was "out of the body" was Spring is here!

Allan, I guess I could get a chuckle out of your request, as it
seems I would have to be present at the symposium to "verify."

Fact is, I was in Dehra Dun in October 2002.  My guide, Benita
Shah who is the biodynamic prep maker for northern India, remarked
that indeed, Fukuoka had just been there a couple weeks earlier
for the symposium.

Sanjay Arggarwal with Maple Organics -- EM source for India -- also
discussed Fukuoka when we chatted in Dehra Dun.
Fyi, on a separate trip to India in Winter of 96-97, a couple friends
in organic farming and myself took a day journey to Bhaskar Save's
farm in Gujurat.  He was said to be the Fukuoka of India, based
on his multi-layered, poly-cultured tree farm integrated with
understory crops...  etc...   Uniquely, he used croton trees as
wilt indicators for "when" irrigation was needed for the rest of
the plantation crops.  He would scatter "mounds" of poultry
manure and/or plant meals among the trees.... and said that
worms and bugs spread it out the rest of the way.

A detailed review of his trench and irrigation methods are
located in this chapter:

Water-efficient trench irrigation for horticulture
       17-page PDF

Fyi, there is a Fukuoka Farming list on Yahoo!Groups,
where you can probably find out current details on the
honorable sensei.

Best wishes,
Steve Diver

Allan Balliett wrote:

Fyi, as recently as Fall 2002 the honorable Fukuoka presented at
a symposium on natural farming in Dehra Dun, India.

Steve - Help me here: is this a substantiated fact, or did you infer this from an announcement. What I heard was that he did not appear at the symposium. (And, let's hope I'm wrong: if he did, are there recordings or transcripts?)

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