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[compost_tea] Re: metal chelates-application rates

Thanks, Ted.  Yes, leaf assays showed similar deficiencies as soil
assays.  Although there are some who claim that leaf assays are
limited to an index since some of the measures dissipate
(volatilize?) soon after detachment from the plant and in transit or
while awaiting the assay.

Your point about <our soil showed that we needed certain inputs but
plant assays showed as if the soil had adequate minerals for plant
health> is interesting.  There are some who claim that elements may
be transmuted (is that the right term?) from one element to another. 
Not hard to accept, really, it's just an electrical phenomemon.  I
don't think we should underestimate our plant brethren.

In addition, I've heard it said that plants may take fully 80% of
their nutrition from the atmosphere.  Lots of C, O, N, H and others
there for sure!  Conventional linear thinking has us duped into
believing the "dirt" merely props the plant up and stuff needs to be
added for a plant to grow.  80%!  Kind of puts a different spin on
our soil-borne efforts, no?  In other words, assuming a perfect
atmosphere (right!), then if a plant is sufficient or deficient, it's
what we are doing or not doing in the soil (the 20%, if you will)
that makes the difference (GMO's and variety differences aside).  Fix
the 20% to harvest the 80%?  Pretty good investment. 

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