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Re: [SANET-MG] Obituary for Hans Jenny

Hey Joel -

One interesting thing about Hans Jenny is that he
worked in the Soils Department at University of
Missouri during the time of William Albrecht....
before his tenure at Univ of California-Berkeley.

Some of his Univ. of Missouri bulletins and
articles are classic pieces in soil pedology,
including those charts on soil organic matter
content in relation to cooler vs warmer climate.

You've probably seen the Whole Earth Review
interview, a reprint from Journal of Soil and Water

My Friend, the Soil:  Conservationist Hans Jenny Interview
Whole Earth, Spring 1999
[Reprinted on Find Articles]

Strangely, a phrase from an article on Jenny the famous
soil scientist -- published over ten years ago, sticks in
my head,

"Hans Jenny sat in a pygmy forest"

Wes Jackson offers some key ecological perpectives
on soils (and soil quality improvement) from Jenny in
the following web article.

Orion offers a photocopy of the 1992 out-of-print
edition on Living Soil, for $11.


Best wishes,
Steve Diver

Joel Gruver wrote:

Hello folks,

I am trying to track down a copy of the obituary for Hans Jenny written by
Wes Jackson in the Spring 1992 "Living Soil " issue of Orion Magazine.

Jackson, W. 1992. Living soil: Orion editorial.  Orion 11 (2):3+

Drop me a line if you have a copy or any suggestions regarding how I might
obtain one.


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