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Re: BD Now! Agriculture of Tomorrow Threat

Still, this information alone is helpful to know.

Kolisko Archive Publications

A number of interesting titles by Eugen and Lilly Kolisko are here.  
I would like to read more of their works.    

These two look interesting:

Spirit in Matter £6.50
Moon and Plant Growth £12.50

JPI was selling Agriculture of Tomorrow a few years ago
when I bought mine.  

No reason that discussion of Kolisko experiments and methodologies
cannot proceed on BD-Now, as I suppose that is also what the authors
wanted practitioners to do.   Normally you can share excerpts for educational
purposes, but not wholesale copying or substantial reproduction.

Thanks for sharing,
Steve Diver

Guillermo wrote:
I found a UK web site offering Agriculture of Tomorrow
for sale and wrote to them asking for conditions, in
return I received this less than friendly email.  

I make it available for your info:

--- Andrew Clunies-Ross
<clunies-ross@talbot-2.demon.co.uk> wrote:
Dear Sirs,

I am the grandson of the Kolisko's and hold all
copyrights relating to the
Kolisko publications - our web site is located at

We are currently in the process of reprinting
Agriculture of Tomorrow. Any
unauthorised copying of any of our publications will
not be accepted and the
appropriate action will be taken..

If you require further information you may reply
this email.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Clunies-Ross


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