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[Market-farming] Re: Filtering Surface Water for drip tape

[Market-farming] Re: Filtering Surface Water for drip tape
Steve Diver steved at ncat.org
Thu Jun 3 18:38:52 EDT 2004

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Allan -

Wes Watkins Agricultural Research and Extension Center
in Lane, Oklahoma put together one of those inexpensive
barrel sand filters.  They published an article in HortTechnology
with a diagram and specs.

Roberts, B.W. and C.W. O'Hern. 1993. Inexpensive sand filters for
drip irrigation systems. HortTechnology 3(1): 85-89.

ECHO - Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization - put
out a a little leaflet on a sand filter to make drinking water, using
two 5-gallon buckets.

No web links on these.

ATTRA can provide printed resources on inexpensive sand filters
for drip irrigation systems by regular mail, on request.

Steve Diver