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[Market-farming] Re: DIY Bed-shaper and plastic layer


[Market-farming] Re: DIY Bed-shaper and plastic layer
Steve Diver steved at ncat.org
Sat Jun 12 11:13:11 EDT 2004

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Interestingly, "where can I get drawings and specifications for a
farm-built plastic-mulch laying machine?" was Question of the Week
on the ATTRA web page


ANSWER: There is only one Extension Service fact sheet we have seen that
provides specifications for a plastic mulch laying machine. "Plastic
Tunnel and Mulch Laying
Machine" is a brief, 3-page leaflet from the Small Farm Center at
University of California.

Also see "Use of Plastic Mulch and Row Covers in Vegetable Production,"
an Extension
Service fact sheet from Oklahoma State University that provides an
excellent summary
of plastic mulch use in vegetable production.

Research also found a Web site geared to farm equipment that displays
images of a
shop-built mulch laying machine that you may find helpful. The links are
provided below.


An Automated Machine for Removal of Plastic Mulch
R. L. Parish
Transactions of the ASAE (American Society of Agricultural Engineers)
VOL. 42, No. 1. p. 49-51.

Plastic Tunnel and Mulch Laying Machine
James F. Thompson and Pedro Ilic
Small Farm Center, University of California

Use of Plastic Mulch and Row Covers in Vegetable Production
Oklahoma State University, F-6034 (PDF / 7.7 mb)

Wade Hancock's School Project: Plastic Mulch Layer Design Images
First photo link
Second photo link
Third photo link

Note: The ASAE paper on a shop-built plastic mulch remover is online, but
you might have to go through a library subscription.


Steve Diver