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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: double digging

> I would love to see these numbers you are referring to.  I have heard so
> much about the negatives of tilling, and have avoided doing so in my new
> garden, it is a hard clay soil and I am planting a cover crop to help
> the soil up.  I was explaining why I havent tilled to a couple of good
> friends of mine, one of which has a degree in something agricultural
> related, I cant remember what at this time... and he told me that its the
> only way I will be able to work organic material into my soil... I would
> like to share some hard data with my friends.  Thank you in advance

what is aggreagate ?

an accessible way to measure agreggate stability of your soil

an overview of no till farming in the context of conventional agriculture

comparative numbers in a conventional no-till farm


fields not tilled for over 10 years 62,3 %
fields tlled in the last 10 years    18,1 %

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