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[fukuoka_farming] Re: double digging

---I would listen to Benjamin, with one exception- It sure won't take
a full 3 years to make a difference. I did double digging, it's a
goof. I do use lasange-style plot prep, it works quite well. It takes
no time at all- I have happily planted in lasgne type plots within 2
months of laying them, and have yet to be dissapointed. 

I understand I yak too much about growing inside gardens and other
strange practices that work well for me; and I *do* understand I am
boring to many, with my yak about "taking the time" and other Mom
Earth/esoteric BullKapoopie- so please, all those who email me to tell
me I'm horrible, I know, I Know! I **choose** to speak up yet again,
and have already notd your complaints. I simply choose to ignore them,
when I feel good information is so easily available to newbies, and
they are not getting directed there for some reason.  I do find it
funny, this is the only group I feel the need for this disclaimer
with. **

Plant some dock. Queen Anne's Lace. Nettles. Daikon radishes. Maybe
some comfrey or plantain. Grab some other good plants/weeds, and let
'em go. Cut the tops off before seed if you feel the need, and let the
arial parts be part of your mulch.

**Leave The Roots Where They Are**

You only have to look back in the archives to know the plow and till-
and the double-dig, especially- is simply not needed.

Go to http://soilandhealthlibrary.com 
and check out "Plowman's Folly". Look up "Weeds, Guardians of the
Soil" on the Journey to Forever Site.

For heaven's Sake, read the website articles on the Fukuoka Website
available in the links section of group, and read Emilia and Mr.
Fukuoka, themselves!

It's too easy. I'm sorry, but just looking under one's own nose (which
I am sorely inadept at, myself. "Do As I Say! Not As I Do!" <G>) is
sometimes a fine place for answer beginnings. deb 

In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "benonthenet" <benonthenet@y...>
> > and he told me that its the only way I will be able to work organic
> > material into my soil...
> Ask your friend "How does organic matter get into the soil in natural
> areas?"
> You can deliberately put organic matter in the soil by planting
> things that leave generous amounts of roots in the ground. That would
> be most root crops and plants like chard. (The plants you choose
> would have to be plants that won't just regenerate from root parts.)
> Just chop the plants down at the peak of root growth and let the
> roots decay. And, voila!, you'll have lots of organic matter directly
> in the soil without tilling at all. Do this for three years and
> you'll do more for the soil than any tilling could hope to accomplish.
> Benjamin

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