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[SANET-MG] Resource: California Conference on Biological Control IV & Organic Production

The proceedings of "California Conference on Biological Control IV,"
available as a web download (22 MB) and on CD-ROM, is an
excellent resource on biological control, with theme topics on:

Bottom Up Effects in Biological Control:  The Role of the Soil
Environment in Pest Suppression

Habitat Manipulation and Management for Biological Control

Legally Compliant Organic Pesticides:  Compatibility with
Natural Enemies

Economic Success in Biological Control:  Barriers and Solutions


California Conference on Biological Control IV
"Biological Control  and Organic Production"
July 13-15, 2004

Post-Conference website

PDF Download (22 MB)
_____ 152 pages

Conference Program with titles and speakers
_____ 4 pages

The second part, "California Organic Production and Farming
in the New Millennium," containing additional key papers, is
published separately as a 165-page proceedings.

Theme topics:

Soil Management

Post-harvest . Economics and Marketing

Systems Research . Organic Farming Research Foundation Update

Biological Control and Pest Management

Though, at present time I don't know whether the second
proceedings will be available for distribution.

These papers and research reports build on the substantial science
of biological control, agroecology, and organic agriculture.

Steve Diver

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