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[SANET-MG] New: Benbrook Report on GE Crops + Pesticides

Passing along this announcement from Chuck Benbrook.

The HTML link takes you to the Abstract.

The PDF Link takes you to the 53-page report.

"Genetically Engineered  Crops and Pesticide
Use in the United States:  The First Nine Years"





We released yesterday via Ag BioTech InfoNet a new
Benbrook Consulting Services report on the impact
of GE corn, soybeans, and cotton on pesticide use
in the first nine years of commercialization.

The substantial increase in herbicide use on RR crops
is now unmistakable in USDA pesticide use data,
although it continues to elude the sharp analysts
at the National Center for Food and Ag Policy.

The report is posted on the website at --

The report is available as a free PDF download,
but the file is big so be patient.

Thanks to Jane and Mardi at UCS for making it
possible to do this report.

Chuck Benbrook

Charles Benbrook
Benbrook Consulting Services
5085 Upper Pack River Road
Sandpoint, Idaho  83864
Voice: (208)-263-5236
Fax: (208)-263-7342
E-mail:  Chuck Benbrook <benbrook@hillnet.com>

Ag BioTech InfoNet
CU FQPA site
IPM site


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