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[permaculture] John Seymour (1914-2004)

John Seymour died recently at age 90.  He wrote many delightful books about
the English countryside, self-sufficiency and the environment.  His writing
was forthright, fearless,and pugnacious -- fitting characteristics to make
him part of the permaculture canon.


"John's primary concern was that we should not readily give up a world that
had been so long in the making - a world of hunter-gatherers, small-scale
farmers, sailors and foresters. Should we not think twice, he would say,
before we launched head-long into a plastic, fossil-fuel powered,
environmentally destructive age? " (Guardian)

Some of his writings:
Solving the slurry problem  at
 The Age of Healing  (Resurgence) at

"THE AGE OF PLUNDER is nearly at an end.
The Age of Healing is ready to be born.
And whether it arrives or not depends upon two people: you and me.
"The Age of Plunder was the natural successor to the so-called Age of
Reason: the Age in which humankind decided that it knew better than God. For
200 years now the greedy and ruthless have been plundering the planet but
their time will soon be up. The whole thing is going to come crashing down."
("The Age of Healing")

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