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Re: [SANET-MG] Indonesian village

Hi Neal -

ATTRA, as you may know, is a domestic program geared to
American farmers.  We don't have capacity to engage in
technical assistance for international projects. 

The paper I posted has a section that summarizes cultural
management practices for organic rice production in Java.  

Here are a few quick databases that I would start with for
Southeast Asia and International Agriculture. 

MekongInfo - regional information system for participatory natural
resource management (NRM) in the Lower Mekong Basin

WISARD - Web-Based Information Platform for Sustainable
Agriculture and Rural Development



Journey to Forever

FFTC Database on Asian Agriculture

TRIOPS - Tropical Scientific Books

IPM Thailand

Steve Diver

Steve Diver, I would think that you would have a major impact on decisions related to farming issues for this tiny community.  You have access to such an important resource with all of the information at ATTRA.
It seems to me that to decide before hand that rice and soybeans are to support this community is to ignore the work done with small farm potential.  There are so many options, not only to provide a food supply, but also income. 
These few folks are surrounded by their Moslem neighbors and, therefore, have opportunities to market goods meeting the needs of this religious group.  Also, they have a chance to perform services for them that they may be forbidden to perform themselves, for example. 
There is no doubt a Diaspora of Javanese who yearn for the goods and foods from home which these few folks might be able to supply as an export. 
And we should not overlook other small community revenue producers that may not be farm related.
Neal Van Milligen



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