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[Market-farming] Composting with Microorganisms


[Market-farming] Composting with Microorganisms

Steve Diver steved at ncat.org
Sat Feb 19 22:50:42 EST 2005
Some quick items on EM (Effective Microorganisms):

Thermophilic compost = aerobic microbial process

Rotting organic matter = putrefactive anaerobes

Effective Micoorganisms = fermentative anaerobes

Three properties of EM:

*beneficial, synergistic microbial action
*antioxidative biochemistry of microbes
*magnetic resonance bioenergy field of microbes

EM is compatible with aerobic and anaerobic
processes.  But yes, during the activation phase
of microbial culture when you mix EM with
molasses in water to make Activated EM, or AEM,
the system is fermentative anaerobic.

Sustainable Community Development has a product
called Efficient Microbes.   SCD has been working
with farmers and municipalities in Missouri for
many years, I'm sure you can get better information
than what you referred to.   Matthew Wood or
Barclay Simpson at SCD are great to work with,
and know about EM for agriculture back and forth.

SCD did a full-scale trial with the wastewater
plant at Jefferson City, MO, and the data showed
reductions in odors (a big deal for the downtown
lcoation), and other improved parameters.  

EMtrading.com is SCD's former web page, and
it still contains research papers and educational

EMRO-USA and EMAmerica.com makes the official
"Efficient Microorganisms."

EM Technology Network has an extensive database
with over 700 research and education papers from
symposiums and studies.

There are more research papers and reports
on EM than any other microbial inoculation
system in organic agriculture.  

I've got a resource list that farmers can request
and find quick access to documents, manuals,
research, databases, and recipes on EM.  

"Supplemental Resources on EM (Effective
Microorganisms) and IM (Indigenous Microorganisms"

So, if you want to find recipes on making Activated
EM, EM Bokashi, EM-Fermented Plant Extracts,
and EM-5 Pest Suppressant, how to use EM in
swine and poultry production, use of EM in crop
production, use of EM in handling of food wastes
and fermented organic matter, you can easily access
the key documents.


Steve Diver

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