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Re: [growingsmallfarms] Cover crop seeding rate questions

Hello folks,

Click on the following link to access a table of seeding rate info (lbs of
seed per acre,  # of seeds per lb, # of seeds per square foot...) for a wide
variety of crops.


In addition, the following examples of seeding rate calculations may be of

Based on the information in the NDSU table

bushel of rye = 56 lbs
18,200 rye seeds per lb * 56 lbs  = 1,019,200 seeds per acre
1,019,200 seeds per acre / 43560 square feet per acre = 23 seeds per square

If you want to calculate seeds per row foot, you have to choose a row

Many grain drills plant rows that are 7.5 inches apart...

1 acre divided up into 7.5 " rows  = 43560 square feet /  (7.5 inches /12
inches per foot)  = 69696 row feet per acre

1,019,200 seeds per acre / 69696 row feet per acre --> ~ 14 seeds per row

If the grain drill plant 6 " rows...

1 acre divided up into 6" rows = 43560/ (6/12) = 87120 row feet per acre

1,019,200 seeds per acre / 87120 row feet per acre --> ~ 11 seeds per row


I hope that these calculations make sense to all who have chosen to read
this far down...

If you would like to win a prize :->, calculate the number of plants per row
foot when 5 lbs of oil seed sunflowers are planted per acre in 30" rows.
Assume 7,700 seeds per lb and 90 % germination.

The first person to send me a correct answer wins !


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> Hi Everyone- we (at the CCCC land lab) are looking for a good resource to
tell us some more specific details about planting cover crops than the
pounds/acre number that can be found everywhere.
> For example- how far apart are rows of rye if using a drill method of
> When using rye/vetch combo, in a broadcast seeding method what should the
ground look like (number of seeds/square ft?)
> I've checked ATTRA, New Farm and Growing Small Farms (and seed catalogs)
and we are not finding that info- what is the common wisdom out there-
> Robin Kohanowich
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