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Re: [SANET-MG] BBC NEWS | UK | England | Tyne/Wear | Researchers hail organic potatoes

John D'hondt wrote:

> so far my own spuds, mixture of many varieties, are healthy enough
> where it seems that many professional growers in Ireland are
> plowing their blighted crops under at this moment in one of the
> most blight prone years seen for a long time. Seems that gallons
> of Dithane did not save them.

This is what the dowagro.com website says about it's specialty
fungicide dithane:

  Attention: This product contains mancozeb and ETU, chemicals known
  to the state of California to cause cancer. ETU is also known to
  the state of California to cause birth defects or other
  reproductive harm.

Non-selective, cancer causing fungicides are not the answer.
The future of agriculture requires a different mentality.

Where fungal blight is a problem, try inoculating seed potatoes with
Pitholithus Tintorius, a beneficial fungus known to promote plant
growth and produce substances with antibiotic activity against
pathological fungi.



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