Exper. Hort. (Arcata Waste Treatment PLANTS)

> From: XJNJ40A@prodigy.com (ANDREW SINGER )
> Newsgroups: rec.gardens
> Subject: Experimental Horticulture
> Date: 3 Nov 1994 03:08:39 GMT
> I am interested if anyone knows of any universities/government agencies 
> or private institutions that are experimenting with the idea of using a 
> select grouping of plants to extract "environmentally harmful" substances 
> from human originated wastewater.    I have had some leads in the fields 
> of golf courses, which treat the runoff water in a manmade wetland 
> environment, but I would like to know if there are any formal studies 
> going on anywhere.  Thank you for your help!
> Andrew 
> Seattle, WA

Andrew - 

I believe it is in Arcata, California (near Eureka) that they have a working
waste treatment 'marsh' that emptied into the Pacific Ocean.  If I remember
correctly, the water exiting the marsh is far more pure than most waste
treatment plants produce.  I'm sure if you called the University there
(Humbolt State, I think), they could tell you all about it.

Anyone in the Northwest who can add more info?

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