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Please keep in mind that flowforms originate from
the Flow Design Research Group at Emerson College
in the UK.  John Wilkes is the principal researcher,
inventor, and author. 

Wilkes more recently founded The Virbela Institute
for Rhythm Research.


Virbela Flowforms - John Wilkes
http:= //www.anthroposophy.org.uk/main/virbelaflowforms.htm
http://www.anth.org.uk= /virbelaflowforms/
http://www.ant= h.org.uk/virbelaflowforms/team.htm

In New Zealand, one of John Wilkes students,
Iain Trousdell, founded the Ecology Design Research


Ecology Design Research Institute

Those companies making flowforms have entered into
agreements with the inventor to make and distribute
flowforms.  Further on-site research has resulted in
new flowforms for ecological function and aesthetic

There are are no "plans" in the public domain,
to my knowledge.

Though I have seen permaculture homesteaders
shape concrete into flowform-like waterfalls,
they vary in effect. 

The original flowforms are based on fluidic research
to design sculpted water vessels at known proportions 
in terms of shape and form. Flowforms induce rhythmical
lemniscatory water movement, vortices, and oxygenation.

See John Wilkes book published in 2003 for a summary
of the research process that went into flowforms
design and development, going back to the early 1960s
working in conjunction with Theodore Schwenk at the
Institute for Flow Sciences in Germany.

Flowforms: The Rhythmic Power of Water
By John Wilkes
Floris Books
2003.  224 pages
http:= //www.florisbooks.co.uk/detail.asp?ISBN=0863153925

"Flowforms: The Rhythmic Power of Water" also
contains research on the effect of flowforms
water on germination of wheat seedlings,
biodynamic research, and related studies.

Theodore Schwenk's work is carried on by his
son, Wolfram Schwenk, and associates of the
research institute.


Institut für Strömungswissenschaften
http://www.stroem= ungsinstitut.de/prospect.htm

In 2003, Floris Books also published Alick
Bartholomew's new book on Viktor Schauberger.

Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger
By Alick Bartholomew
Floris Books
2003.  288 pages
http:= //www.florisbooks.co.uk/detail.asp?ISBN=0863154328

In 2005, Floris Books will publish an English
version of Andreas Schulz book on biocrystallization
photography as a qualitative bioassay of water

Water Crystals: Making the Quality of Water Visible
By Andreas Schulz
Floris Books
2005.  192 pages
http:= //www.florisbooks.co.uk/detail.asp?ISBN=0863154867

Andreas Shulz is the principle behind Hagalis AG
which operates a commercial lab where you can send
samples of water, food, herbs, and medicines for
biocrystallization analysis.  The Hagalis AG website
offers the "Wasser Kristall Welten" book in German, and
hosts the fabulous slide show on biocrystallization.

Hagalis AG

Hagalis AG Crystallization Analysis slide show
http://www.hagalis.= com/Kristeng/ppframe.htm

Finally, if the concept is to energize water, yet
flowforms are beyond your economic resources, look
into water energization and revitalization devices.

Especially see the water energy devices based on
Viktor Schauberger's work at Centre for Implosion
Research.  The Center also hosts research papers
of special interest.

Centre for Implosion Research
http://www.implosionresearch.c= om

Likewise, you don't have to go any further than
biodynamic research into hand stirring of the BD
preparations to see how water vortices can
have a subtle but pronounced effect on biological
systems.  You can also use hand stirring with
compost teas.

Best regards,

Steve Diver

--- In compost_tea_at_yahoogroups.com, "David Attwater"
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> I would love to use flow forms, but the price of them stops that.
> anyone know of any plans that may be available for a person to make their
> own?
> Thanks
> Dave

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