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From: Ted Peterson <>
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 16:04:13 -0800


I have been experimenting with flow-form (kind of) technology (actually a w=
ay to make a certain kind of water molecule) and came up with a design that=
 was supposed to make a certain kind of water. Well, it sort of worked -- =
the water circulated correctly -- but mostly failed. However it was a mom=
entous failure! I failed to get the water I wanted but stumbled onto somet=
hing else. I have been running the new technology next to one of my brewer=
s and a competitor's brewer and I will simply state that the results I have=
 measured are off the map. Everything worked better, the bacteria I can s=
ee with the microscope simply exploded. Rods and cocci everywhere. When I=
 first looked at the sample, I thought I had gotten a piece of plastic or s=
omething in the sample. I have never seen so much activity. I brewed the=
 same amount of compost from the same pile and with the same nutrients meas=
ured by weight. All the water was the same. I can say this. Flow forms, e=
ven simple ones, seem to work because they add O2 and increase surface area=

I need 5 people to sign an non-disclosure agreement and do some testing. Y=
ou will have to invest about $35 to $50 in parts and I will give you exact=
 specifications of what you need and how you need to do it. You can get th=
e parts locally. I then need you to send samples to me so I can compare th=
em with that I am seeing. After I get some confirmation, I will have every=
one send one sample to Elaine. I will pay for the sample and the testing w=
ith SFI.

I really think I have accidently hit on something quite fantastic here but =
further experimentation and confirmation from other people are needed. Whe=
n I say more bioactivity, I mean I was blown away with the samples. My bre=
wers are good. They make good tea but this is an order of magnitude improv=
ement. I had no idea. And the best part about it is that it is far less e=
xpensive than the technology I was using before. It is about $200 less exp=
ensive to build.

To Tom:

A vortex by any other name is a vortex. While my brewers have lots of air =
actions and water circultation, this new approach creates vortices. I am f=
lat blown away.

I will apply for patents Monday and have an ND ready by Wednesday at the la=
test. So if anyone is interested, please drop me a line.

Nick and Judy:

You should have received the package but if you haven't, I have gotten most=
 of it on line so I can just send it that way.

Look folks. I am stoked out of my mind. I never thought that this would h=
appen like this but before I get too carried away with my own self-delusion=
, I need some confirmation. It would be the happiest accident I could thin=
k of. However, the water molecule stuff just flat failed. Great idea but =
doesn't work as I am using it. So I guess NASA was correct in rejecting it=

Ted Peterson

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