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Title: Shop Smart Seed Co.

Shop Smart Seed Co.
P.O. Box 2893
Spring, TX 77388
Fax: (713) 350-8468


We have hundreds of rare, exotic and unique varieties of seeds from all over the world listed here. Please spend some time exploring our extensive catalog. We provide prompt shipment, usually same day shipment on credit card, money order and cash orders and within two weeks of receiving your order paid with personal check. To our knowledge, we are the only major tropical seed dealer to offer a satisfaction guarantee on the seeds we sell.

Please remember! We ship seeds to anywhere in the world and 95% of our seeds can be container grown, which means you are able to sow our seeds anywhere at any time of the year!

The plant seeds listed below are only a few of the many we carry. Please write or e-mail if you do not see what you need.

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In order to send out our paper catalog via the US Postal Service, we require $1.00 or 3 ea. thirty two cent US stamps. Of course, we know that everyone who enjoys plants as much as we do has to be a good, honest person, so if you will fill in this form, we will send out the catalog immediately.

For pictures and information on caring for many of the plants that can be raised from our seeds, check out the


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If paying by check, cash or money order, please send order and payment to:

Shop Smart Seed Co.
P.O. Box 2893
Spring, Tx 77388
Fax: (713) 350-8468


We welcome your questions and comments and would love to e-mail you a catalog that you can print or view at you leisure. Please drop us a line!

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