Hedge Rows Garden Tapestry

I run a website called "Hedge Rows Garden Tapestry", based in Vancouver, 
Canada that caters to gardeners and horticulturists.  It is home to over 
15 local clubs and societies, and also to the University of British 
Columbia Botanical Gardens.

Plans are currently underway to expand the site to include a lot of 
material of interest to gardeners in England and Europe, and also to add 
a monthly magazine type of feature.

I would appreciate a link to my site from your list of gardening sites. 
The URL is "http://www.hedgerows.com".  Please take a look and see if 
you would like to include it.

Talk to you soon,
Mala Gunadasa-Rohling  mkg@mech.ubc.ca
Hedge Rows Garden Tapestry  http://www.hedgerows.com