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Title: GardenWeb

Welcome to GardenWeb!

This page provides a listing of the many resources available at our site.
We're always adding content, so be sure to check back regularly.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

 o Wild-Flowers

Wild-Flowers offers a wealth of information about what's available both online and off. A handy state index makes it easy to see which places and events can be found in your area. We also have two forums specifically for wildflower enthusiasts, one on meadows & prairies and another on woodlands.

 o Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Find out why so many gardeners find their Brooklyn Botanic Garden membership indispensable. For a sample of what you'll find in their excellent publications, take a look at "Designing Gardens for Butterflies," from the BBG handbook, Butterfly Gardening. And from the BBG's newsletter, Plants & Gardens News, we have "A Garden Friendly Native Orchid" and Robert Newgarden's "A Sophisticated Sumac." - New!

 o The GardenWeb Forums

The forums allow you to tap the collective wisdom of our readers. You can post a queries on plant care and sources, or initiate a discussion on a particular topic. If you're an experienced gardener, maybe you could take a few mintues and help answer the questions of others.

 o GardenWeb Australia

We now have a site for our friends down under. Much of our content is available there as well as several forums specifically for gardeners in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.

 o Garden Tips from Sesbania Tripeti

 o The Cyber-Plantsman

The Cyber-Plantsman is our online magazine for the serious gardener. We'll let you in on some of the more interesting--though less heard from--plants, people, books, events and organizations. If you're into plants, you'll be sure to find something of interest here.

 o Gardens of the World

Come with us as GardenWeb takes a look at some of the most interesting botanic gardens from around the world.

 o The Garden Spider's Web

Karen Fletcher's page, The Garden Spider's Web, offers a sampling of the rich variety of resources available to the gardener on the Internet. Whether it's a Web site, database or newsgroup, if it has to do with gardening, you'll find a link here. Karen is also the creator of The Garden Gate.

 o The Mystery Plant Contest

If you're the type of gardener who knows the difference between a geranium and a Geranium, this contest is for you. Test your botanical knowledge and you may be the winner of a most unusual plant.

 o Crossword Puzzle Contest

Since the competition in the Mystery Plant Contest has become so stiff, we've decided to experiment with a different type of contest that might allow a wider participation.

 o The Garden Exchange

The Garden Exchange is a place where gardeners can post requests for seeds and plants, as well as offers of items for trade. This is the place to try to find that unusual tomato hybrid, or maybe that night-blooming daylily you've heard about but never seen. The Garden Exchange is keyword searchable.

 o In the Business Directory

Isolite is a novel soil amendment that helps retain moisture and maintain drainage and is particularly well suited for bonsai.

The Seed Guild provides rare and unusual seeds from around the world.

Southern Perennials & Herbs has its entire catalog online and is capable of taking your order securely.

Sunshine Farm & Gardens is a unique combination of rare plant collection and commercial nursery.

If you have a business and are interested in setting up shop on the Web, please see our Business Services page.

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