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Title: Rural Science Home Page

Rural Science at the University Of New England, Armidale, NSW

This page will help you to find out about the school of Rural Science. Use the table of contents below to go directly to topics of interest,

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About The School of Rural Science

The School of Rural Science is a school of the Faculty of the Sciences. Established in the 1950's, the five-department School is now known internationally and has been recognised as a major provider of agricultural education in Australia. Staff teach and conduct research in all areas of agriculture and animal products and graduates of the School are known for their flexibility in the work-place.

The Departments comprising the School are Agronomy and Soil Science; Animal Science; Agricultural and Resource Economics; Biochemistry, Microbiology and Nutrition; and Physiology.

The School is strongly supported by other departments within the Faculty, notably Mathematics, Statistics and Computing Science; Chemistry; Geology and Geophysics; Botany; Zoology; Resource Engineering; Ecosystem Management; and Physics. Nearby institutions, including CSIRO, the NSW Department of Agriculture, the New England Technology Park, and agribusiness firms also contribute strength to the School. The Department of Animal Science houses the CRC for the Cattle and Beef Industry (Meat Quality) and the CRC for Premium Quality Wool.

The Faculty operates its own farms, maintains a modern complex of animal houses, glass houses, growth cabinets, a CAT scanner, a climatology laboratory, a surgery, and laboratories for research and teaching.

Its resources and location in northern NSW enables the School to incorporate all forms of agricultural production into its operations.

The Master and PhD programs in the school of Rural Science are for applicants with a strong background in the sciences. However, applicants who do not possess sufficient knowledge or background are encouraged to enrol in Graduate Diploma programs before proceeding to the degrees of either Master of Science in Agriculture or Master of Rural Science.

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