Livestock Breeds in Australia


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Title: Livestock Breeds in Australia

Some Livestock Breeds Found in Australia

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Purely decorative clip art cow These pages contain notes on selected breeds of livestock found in Australia:

The selection of breeds is purely subjective and by no means comprehensive. We are, however, keen to expand the information available from these pages. We are now publishing information on Jersey Cattle in Australia which has been provided by Trent Lawrence on behalf of The Australian Jersey Breeders Society. If you know of any sites with information related to Australian livestock, or you have information you would like us to publish for you, please let us know at dkgsoft@ozemail.com.au (Dianne Gorman).

OSU's Breeds of Livestock page has information on many breeds and is actively pursuing information on Australian breeds. It is also an excellent source of pictures. The WWW Library - Livestock Section has links to many other sources of information.

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