WILDNET mailing list - BEN # 152 (fwd)

From: Adolf Ceska <aceska@cue.bc.ca>
To: ben@cue.bc.ca
Subject: BEN # 152

From: "Woodsworth,Eric [Sas]" <Eric.Woodsworth@EC.GC.CA>

Believe it or not, it has happened!  Wildnet  is  back  on  line
after taking a rest for a year. A lot has happened on the Inter-
net  in a year, and mailing lists are quickly being overtaken by
other vehicles like web sites. However I  don't  mind  providing
this forum and contributing to it, for the original purposes.

The  Wildnet electronic mailing list was established in 1987 for
the exchange of ideas, questions, and solutions in the  area  of
fisheries  and  wildlife computing and statistics. Possibilities
include reviews of literature, reports on conferences, questions
on experimental design and analysis, field techniques,  relevant
hardware,  software, databases, discussions on geographic infor-
mation systems, biological information management, and so on.

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