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Title: Hydroponic Aquaponic Aquaculture

Hydroponics Aquaculture Aquaponics

Grow the way of the future,


This is the homepage of the world's leader in AQUAPONICS, where YOU grow plants and fish in a recirculating ecosystem. You will also see how YOU can enjoy the fasinating (and profitable) sister growing systems of aquaponics, which are HYDROPONICS and AQUACULTURE.

Aquaponics combines the science of hydroponics (growing plants without soil), with the art of aquaculture (fish-farming). With an aquaponic system, YOU will get HANDS-ON experience with the most productive, ecologically sound food production systems in the world.

This homepage will lead you to pages on theory, set-up and operation of your own systems. There is a link to a full on-line catalog of supplies for GREAT indoor systems and equipment. Also included is a book/video list on the related fields of hydroponics and aquaculture. Everything that you need to grow plants, vegetables and fish the space-age way is right here!

Here's where you begin your journey to the growing systems of the future:

Theory of Hydroponics

Theory of Aquaculture

Theory of Aquaponics

Operating a Hydroponic System

Operating an Aquaculture System

Operating an Aquaponic System

Build your own Hydro and Aquaponic Systems

See how to build your own complete aquaponic system, complete with instructions and pictures

See actual systems in operation.

Contact H/A Tech by email (prefered method), call (U.S. eastern time zone) 410-957-2859, or write to: Hydro/Aquatic Technologies, PO Box 777, Princess Anne Maryland, 21853-0777.

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