WWW: OneEarth Gallery invitation, 1997 (fwd)


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Title: WWW: OneEarth Gallery invitation, 1997 (fwd)


WWW: OneEarth Gallery invitation, 1997 (fwd)

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Subject: WWW: OneEarth Gallery invitation, 1997


The OneEarth Gallery is a browsable public service directory recognizing
progressive organizations and companies working to improve our culture and
environment through their resources and actions. 

The Gallery was not active for the Fall and early Winter months of 1996,
because I had a baby!  But now that Julia is several months old, the Gallery's
doors are open with a full set of new links for January 1997 in the
Environment, Health and Social Action categories.

If you know of a web site that deserves the attention of the thousands of
visitors each month, please send its web address to "suggest@1earth.com".  Or
just stop by and visit the Gallery, if you haven't in a while, and enjoy the
1Earth Hot Spot, read the Feature article, or read up on our mission.

Happy New Year to all. 

Gina Faber,
OneEarth WWW Publishing

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