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Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Rot Web Home Composting Information Site

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Welcome to the RotWeb!

These World Wide Web pages are meant to make basic information about home composting available to a large number of people. If you are new to composting, read the introduction to composting. A brief how-to guide may be useful for starting your own home composting system. Read the descriptions of compost ingredients to get ideas for what to use in your pile, and check the list of materials to avoid to find out what shouldn't be used and why.

Interested in composting but don't know what type of bin or system is right for you? Investigate the different compost bin systems that can be used.

The composting resource list contains references and descriptions for books and other how-to publications on composting. Composting resources on the 'Net/WWW are included.

Sometimes there's no substitute for learning by seeing and doing. If you concur, check to see if there is a home composting demonstration site in your part of North America. You can also email information about sites in your area and have them listed on the Rot Web.

Teachers may find it helpful to check out the teacher resources.

Is your local government supporting backyard composting? It should be! Home composting is the most cost effective method for diverting yard and kitchen wastes from the landfill. One study suggests that backyard composting programs generate $3.50 in direct, quantifiable benefits for every dollar spent on the program. If interested, read the (unsolicited) backyard composting report I wrote and submitted to the Boulder County Recycling and Composting Authority.

Be sure to follow some of the links to interesting environmental web sites!

Rot Web topic menu in list form:
An Introduction to Compost
How to Compost
What to Compost
What NOT to Compost
Composting Bins and Systems
Composting Book/Resource List
Composting Demonstration Sites to Visit
Teacher Resources Relating to Composting
Report on Backyard Composting Programs


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  2. Environmental educators, journalists, and recycling coordinators: You may obtain text free of charge from the Rot Web for newspaper features, magazine articles, and compost education handouts. Please contact me for permission prior to publication, unless you are using the vermicomposting handouts, which may be used without obtaining further permission.
  3. Permission is freely given to create remote WWW links to this site.
  4. Happy composting!

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