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Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: New Jersey Online's Yucky Site: Worm World

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Nature's Recyclers

Body Parts

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Wendell Worm, reporter-at-large, interviews an earthworm, a leech, a tapeworm, a tubeworm, and a planarian worm. See navigation below if you cannot download this picture
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We're a Project Cool Site Hi, I'm Wendell the Worm. Welcome to my 24 hour all-worm, all-fun Web Site, part of the Yuckiest Site on the Internet.

Click on an image or an underlined word to find out about the worms in your yard, read interviews with some of my exotic cousins and learn how worms act as nature's recyclers.

Featured in Hotwired's Netsurf Worm World Features
Wendell's Worm Talk
Wanna be friends with a worm? I love humans! Click here to talk to me, Wendell, and other Worm World Friends.
What are people talking about this week? Just how bad our Worm Jokes are. By the way, check out some of our new ones.

What's a Worm Bin?
We're a Planet Science Site of the Day Worms have been called "Nature's Best Recyclers." Some people are taking advantage of that by keeping worms in a bin in their house. They dump in garbage and the worms eat it up like candy. Some people have even made fancy bins that have won prizes. Find out more at our Worm Bins page.

Meet Mary, the Worm Woman
Mary Appelhof knows more about worms than any human in America. She's even filmed worms being born. Why does Mary like worms so much? Click here to find out.

Worm World Departments
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Nature's Recyclers

Learn how worms and the rest of the decomposition team chew up food and other organic waste.

Body Parts

Take a look inside a worm for a very basic biology lesson.

Art Gallery

Check out the best in worm art and poetry. Then send us some of your own!

Fun Arcade

Enjoy funny stories, jokes and facts -- all about worms.

Gift Shop

Order videos, books and worm bins through the mail.


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Read my interviews with: Bearded Worm | Earthworm | Planarian | Leech | Tapeworm


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