Permaculture in Cuba, ACF, Cuba Green Team, PGAN, PP-FNH


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Permaculture in Cuba, ACF, Cuba Green Team, PGAN, PP-FNH

Permaculture in Cuba

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About the ACF Food Gardener Education Project in Urban Havana, Cuba

ACF Habitat Article: Revolutionary Food: Permaculture in Havana - Cities can save the World NEW!With Pictures!

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The Charter of Calcutta (11 lines) implores: "We must cease seeing the city as a problem. We must see it as a solution."

Job Advertisement: Permaculture Project Officer, Havana, Cuba

22kb large compost heap
Cubans working on a large compost heap in Havana.
Photos from permaculture courses in Havana. NEW!

Reports on the women's permaculture course with the FMC in Havana and the first permaculture design certificate course in Cuba. Not loaded yet

Photos of permaculture courses in Havana in 1995 and 1996. (Good photos) NEW!

Some photos of permaculture in Havana. NEW!

Some very good photos of Havana - not specifically permaculture. NEW!

Final Report Outline, Havana Project, 1995 (two pages), Financial Report, 1995 (one pages),

ANCP Project, Havana 1995, Draft Final Report from the Field, Part One (still has typos)

ANCP Project, Havana 1995, Draft Final Report from the Field, Part Two)

Orientation Notes for Project Workers on the ACF Cuba Permaculture Program

Media Release: 26 July Fiesta and Rally for Cuba in Melbourne. (Project fund raiser)

New Video on Organic Agriculture in Cuba by Food First.

Pointers to other information on Cuba can be found at the http://www.peg.apc.org/~laic

The "Permaculture in Cuba" project is managed by the Permaculture Global Assistance Network

ACF Permaculture, Environment and Development Officer - Position Description

In Spanish:

Información sobre la dirección del proyecto en Cuba: el Green Team.

Información sobre el grupo en Cuba.

Permaculture Project of the Foundation for Nature and Humanity ___ Proyecto de Permacultura de la Fundacion de la Naturaleza y el Hombre ___

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