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Fertrell is a source of organic fertilizers and soil conditioners used for plants, flowers, vegetables, nurseries, gardening, lawns, houseplants and turf farms.  These natural environmentally friendly fertilizers are used by horticultoralist, nurserymen, greenskeepers, or farmers  to naturally and organically care for soil and promote plant growth.

Fertrell is a biological plant food scientifically formulated to provide "time-released" nutrients for your crops throughout the entire growing period.  Fertrell plant foods are a unique combination of naturally occurring products which feed both plants and soil microorganisms.  Fertrell is a complete "specialty" plant food providing all the essential elements necessary for high yield crop production and soil management.

At Fertrell, we have recognized that the soil is a living organism - a vital and valuable resource.  Our products encourage a living, well balanced soil.  Our goal is towards sustainable agriculture at the same time a strong commitment is to profitable farming, healthy soils and good production.  Over 50 years of Fertrell experience adds up to superb naturally attainable farm crop results.

This Website will be continually updated with new organic tips and other late breaking new information.  We encourage you to fill out the inquiry and look for a future e-mail newsletter sign up.  Click on the selections below to navigate our site!

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