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Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 05:11:43 -0700
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Hi Lisa,

     The Ion Exchange at http://www.ionxchange.com/home.html has
Silphium Perfoliatum seed by the Packet, Ounce, and Pound.

     Their Email Address is: hbright@means.net (Howard and Donna

     Good Luck--Hope this helps.

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Lisa Krall wrote:
> I work with a dairy farmer who has heard that Cup Plant (silphium
> perfoliatum) compares in feed value to alfalfa. It is a perennial, does
> quite well here in my garden, and this farmer is interested in trying it
> out. Does anyone know about using this as dairy feed and does anyone
> have any ideas for a bulk seed source? Thanks. Lisa Krall