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Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: CAFF: Sustainable Ag. Web Sites and Resource Groups

Sustainable Ag Web Sites and Resource Groups

Sustainable agriculture is a grassroots movement occurring around the globe - from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Too often, inaccessibility to good information is a barrier to a more sustainable farm and food system. If you need more information about what you can do on any level - farm, community, national, international-chances are there's a group here that can help.

Sus Ag and Organic Gardening Sites

Resource Groups

If your browser has a "find function," you can search this list for sustainable ag resource groups by country, state (U.S. states are abbreviated), province, or region. For example, if you are looking for a group in Vancouver, try searching with the words "Canada," "British Columbia," or "Northwest."

African Network on Development of Ecological Agriculture
PO Box 16785
Fax: 233-21-228668
Contact: Godsway MacBright, Program Coordinator
Features: NGO promoting organic farming, cottage industry and environmental protection in Ghana.

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
National Agricultural Library
10301 Baltimore Boulevard, Room 304
Beltsville, MD 20705-2351
Fax: 301/504-6409
E-mail: na/afsic@nalusda.gov
Contact: Jane Gates, Coordinator
Features: A specialized information center of the National Agricultural Library (NAL) established to provide knowledgeable information service, available to all, regarding all aspects of alternative agriculture (sustainable, low input, regenerative, organic, or biodynamic farming practices).

Angelic Organics
1547 Rockton Road
Caledonia, IL 61011
Fax: 815/389-3106
Contact: John Petersen, Owner or Bob Bower, Office Manager
Features: A 300-member biodynamic CSA farm, striving to create balance between work, study and creativity.

Appropriate Agricultural Alternatives
PO Box 2008
Mail to: PO Box 108
Honeydew, CA 95545
Contact: Dr. Sunil Wagley, Acting Director (Nepal) or Judith Chase, Director (USA)
Features: A small non-profit non-governmental organization helping Nepali people improve their quality of life by promoting diverse and sustainable agricultural systems.

Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas
PO Box 3657
Fayetteville, AR 72702
800/346-9140; 501/442-9824
Fax: 501/442-9842
Contact: Katherine Adam, Information Specialist
Features: Offers free information to farmers, county extension agents, agricultural support groups and agribusiness about sustainable agriculture, organics and low-input farming.

Assiniboine Community College
1430 Victoria Avenue East
Brandon, MB R7A 2A9
Fax: 204/726-7012
Contact: Dinah Ceplis, Program Coordinator
Features: Offers organic management and inspection courses via distance education for 1995-96.

Bio-Dynamic Farming & Gardening Association
PO Box 550
Kimberton, PA 19442
Fax: 610/983-3196
Contact: Charles Beedy, Executive Director
Features: A non-profit corporation, established in 1938, whose task is to advance the practices and principles of Biodynamic agriculture.

Bio-Integral Resource Center
PO Box 7414
Berkeley, CA 94707
Fax: 510/524-1758
E-mail: birc@igc.apc.org
Contact: Sarah Schubart, Program Assistant
Features: A non-profit organization, providing information and services in the area of "least-toxic" pest management, also known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Australia
Main Road
Powelltown, Victoria 3797 Australia
Fax: 61-59-667433
Contact: Alex Podolinsky
Features: Provides practical advice and farmer training in the Biodynamic Farming Method worldwide.

Biological Urban Gardening Services
PO Box 76
Citrus Heights, CA 95611-0076
Contact: Steven Zien, Executive Director
Features: An international membership organization devoted to reducing the use of pesticides in our highly populated urban landscape environments.

California Institute for Rural Studies
221 G Street, Ste. 204
Davis, CA 95616
Mail to: PO Box 2143
Davis, CA 95617
916/756-6555 Fax: 916/756-7429
Contact: Don Villarejo, Executive Director
Features: A 19-year old non-profit public interest research and education organization specializing in the problems and concerns of rural California.

The Canadian Health Food Association
370 Steelcase Road East
Markham, ON L3R 1G2
Fax: 905/479-1516
Contact: Bill Reynolds, Executive Director
Features: Objectives: Educate, nurture, protect and promote the on-going growth of the health food industry.

Canadian Organic Growers, Inc.
Box 6408, Station J
Ottawa, ON K2A 3Y6
705/444-0923; 613/258-4045
Fax: 705/444-0380
E-mail: organix@georgian.net; eirving@cyberus.ca; http://www.gks.com/cog/
Contact: Tomas Nimmo, Promotions or Elizabeth Irving, Editorial
Features: A non-profit, organic promotion organization comprised of farmers, gardeners, consumers, researchers, environmentalists, agricultural professionals, food marketers and many others, serving all regions of Canada.

Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Fax: 408/459-2799
Contact: Jim Leap, Operations Manager or Ann Lindsey, Apprenticeship Coordinator
Features: Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) is a research and education group working toward the development of sustainable agricultural systems.

Centro El Canelo de Nos
Au Portales 3020, San Bernardo
Santiago, Region Metropo
Fax: 56-8571160
Contact: Antonia Izquierdo Huneeus, Program Coordinator
Features: Centro El Canelo de Nos is a non-governmental organization working in poor rural and urban regions to facilitate the adoption of agroecological methods used in animal and vegetable production.

City Farmer
801 318 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2V3
Fax: 604/685-0431
E-mail: cityfarm@unixg.ubc.ca
Contact: Michael Levenston, Executive Director
Features: City Farmer is a non-profit society and registered charity created in 1978 to promote urban agriculture worldwide.

Committee for Sustainable Agriculture
406 Main Street #313
Watsonville, CA 95076
Fax: 408/763-2112
E-mail: csaesc@scruznet.com
Contact: Lynn Young, Executive Director
Features: A non-profit, educational organization, providing information and sponsoring events on ecological farming, sustainable agriculture, organic farming, and food safety to farmers, retailers, and consumers.

Community Alliance with Family Farmers
PO Box 363
Davis, CA 95617
916/756-8518; 800/852-3832 (voice mail only)
Fax: 916/756-7857
E-mail: caff@caff.org; Website Home Page
Contact: Ernest Phinney, Executive Director
Features: What Is CAFF?

Confederacion Nacional Campesina "La Voz Del Campo"
Almirante Barroso #68
Fax: 562-6722458
Contact: Francisco Cornejo Soms, Project Coordinator
Features: A non-governmental organization representing 55,000 small farmers located throughout Chile with programs to provide family farmers with general education, and information on credit strategies, small business management, and sustainable agriculture technology.

Cortesia Sanctuary & Center for Natural Gardening
84540 McBeth Road
Eugene, OR 97405
Fax: 541/343-9544
Contact: Tricia Clark-McDowell or Dr. Forrest McDowell, Co-Directors
Features: A 22-acre nature sanctuary and educational/publishing center near Eugene, Oregon offering a variety of classes (spring through fall) in natural gardening, herbalism and wholistic nutrition.

Cuban Association for Organic Farming
Tulipán #1011, entre Loma y 47, Nuevo Vedado, C.P. 10600
Ciudád de la Habana
53-62-99176; 53-62-99180
Fax: 53-7-331516
Contact: Roberto Garcia Trujillo, President
Features: A nongovernmental organization founded in 1993 to work with all sectors of Cuban society in favor of the development of organic farming.

Dakota Resource Council
PO Box 1095
Dickinson, ND 58602-1095
Fax: 701/225-8315
Contact: Mark Trechock, Staff Director
Features: A grassroots, non-profit family farm and environmental group that works to preserve the agricultural way of life in North Dakota.

Ecological Agriculture Projects
21,111 Lakeshore Road
Ste. Anne de Bellevue
PQ H9X 3V9
Fax: 514/398-7621
E-mail: eap@agradm.lan.mcgill.ca; www.agrenv.mcgill.ca/extension/eap
Contact: Jean Duval, Researcher
Features: Canada's leading resource centre specializing in all aspects of sustainable food and agricultural systems.

Elm Farm
Research Centre
Hamstead Marshall
Nr. Newbury, Berkshire
United Kingdom
Fax: 0044-01488-658503
E-mail: 100113.751@compuserve.com
Contact: Lawrence Woodward, Director
Features: United Kingdom's premier research and development institute in the field of organic agriculture.

Farming Alternatives Program
Warren Hall, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Fax: 607/255-9984
E-mail: jmp32@cornell.edu, http://www.cals.cornell.edu/dept/ruralsoc/fap/fap.html
Features: Dedicated to promoting a sustainable food and agriculture system which supports farm families and their communities.

Florida Entomological Society
PO Box 1206
Luta, FL 33548-1731
Contact: Theresa DuChene, Business Manager
Features: Founded in 1916 to promote and stimulate interest in the field of entomology among Floridians.

Gavilan College Small Business Development Center
7436 Monterey Street
Gilroy, CA 95020
Fax: 408/847-0393
Contact: Dr. Peter Graff, Director
Features: Provides service to small businesses and agribusiness in all phases of business operations (marketing, business plans, finance, management) and international trade assistance.

Good Food Foundation
PO Box 219
Ermelo, NL-3850 AE
fax: 31-341-562913
Contact: Jan Schrijver
Features: Founded in 1986 with the goals of stimulating, initiating, subsidizing, and supervising projects in the field of organic agriculture.

Green Gulch Farm & Zen Center
1601 Shoreline Highway
Sausalito, CA 94965
Fax: 415/383-3128
Contact: Emila Heller
Features: Located near Muir Beach, offers a six-month (May-October) residential apprenticeship in organic farming and gardening with Zen meditation and study as an integral part of the program.

Hoosier Organic Marketing Education
8364 S SR 39
Clayton, IN 46118
Fax: 317/539-6935
E-mail: cvof@iquest.net
Contact: Cissy Bowman
Features: A 501 (c)(3) non-profit educational organization that serves all members of the public by assisting them with information and resources on organic agriculture.

Idaho Organic Producer's Association
2260 East, 4300 North
Filer, ID 83328
Fax: 208/326-8684
Contact: Nathan Jones
Features: Represents Idaho organic farmers and handlers.

Illinois Stewardship Alliance
PO Box 648
Rochester, IL 62563
Fax: 217/498-9235
Contact: Chirag Mehta, Agriculture Program Coordinator
Features: Organized in 1974 to assist family farmers and people in rural communities in developing a food production system based on family farms, building healthy rural communities by promoting sustainable agriculture, and fighting to protect natural resources.

Independent Organic Inspectors Association
Route 3, Box 162-C
Winona, MN 55987-9514
Fax: 507/454-8310; 507/454-5238
E-mail: jriddle@luminet.net
Contact: Jim Riddle or Joyce Ford
Features: An international association of organic farm and processing inspectors dedicated to maintaining high standards of organic inspection and promoting consistency in the inspection process.

International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement
Okozentrum Imsbach
Tholey-Theley, D-6695
Fax: 49-6853-30110
Contact: Bernward Geier, Secretary General
Features: A non-profit, charitable organization with 500 member organizations in 100 countries all over the world who further organic agriculture through an exchange of knowledge and thoughts among the members.

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement
1607 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50316
Fax: 515/266-6069
Contact: Hugh Espey, Farm Project Director
Features: A non-profit, membership-based community group that was formed in 1976 by people who wanted to address local problems and improve their communities.

Kamut Association of North America
PO Box 691
Fort Benton, MT 59442
Mail to: 295 Distribution Street
San Marcos, CA 92069
Fax: 406/622-5439
Contact: Andre Giles
Features: A non-profit association of organic farmers, manufacturers, and interested consumers that sponsors research on Kamut brand grain, helps manufacturers understand and promote Kamut brand grain, and promotes organic agriculture in general.

Kansas Rural Center, Inc.
PO Box 133
Whiting, KS 66552
Fax: 913/873-3432
E-mail: ksruralctr@aol.com
Contact: Dan Nagengast, Executive Director
Features: A non-profit organization which promotes family farming and sustainable farming practices.

Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture
PO Box 588
Poteau, OK 74953
Fax: 918/647-8712
E-mail: 6030351@mcimail.com
Contact: Jim Horne, Alan Ware or Lara Ervin
Features: Strives to find ways of sustaining our world rather than exhausting natural resources that are vital to future generations.

Land Stewardship Project
2200 4th Street
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
Fax: 612/653-0589
Contact: Rebecca Kilde, Membership Coordinator
Features: Founded in 1982 as a Minnesota-based, non-profit organization committed to fostering an ethic of stewardship toward farmland and to developing and promoting a sustainable system of agriculture.

Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
209 Curtiss Hall
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011-1050
Fax: 515/294-9696
E-mail: leocenter@iastate.edu
Contact: Dennis R. Keeney, Director
Features: Established in 1987 to identify and reduce adverse environmental and socioeconomic impacts of agricultural practices, develop profitable farming systems that conserve natural resources and develop an educational framework to inform the public of new findings.

Marin County Farmers' Market Association
1114 Irwin Street
San Rafael, CA 94949
415/456-FARM (3276)
Fax: 415/453-7502
Contact: Lynn Bagley, Executive Director
Features: Provides ten certified farmers' markets throughout the greater Bay Area.

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute
W2493 County Road ES
East Troy, WI 53120
Fax: 414/642-4028
E-mail: mfai@igc.apc.org
Contact: John Hall, Executive Director
Features: A public non-profit institute committed to enhancing the fertility of the soil, the quality of food, the health of animals and the strength of the human spirit by revitalizing the culture of agriculture.

Midwest Organic Alliance
5217 Wayzata Boulevard, Ste. 208
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Fax: 612/593-2797
E-mail: moa7@aol.com, http://www.midwestorganic.org/
Contact: Angela Sterns, Marketing Director
Features: A non-profit project working to increase the quantity of certified organic marketing campaigns.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Sustainable Agriculture Program
90 West Plato Boulevard
St Paul, MN 55107
Fax: 612/297-7678
E-mail: prescott.bergh@state.mn.us
Contact: Prescott Bergh, Outreach Coordinator
Features: Demonstrates and promotes alternative practices which are environmentally sound, economically profitable and enhance the sustainability of Minnesota farmers and communities.

Minnesota Food Alliance
2395 University Avenue, Rm. 309
St. Paul, MN 55114
Fax: 612/646-0142
Contact: Kenneth Taylor or Anne de Meurisse
Features: Brings together urban and rural citizens to investigate sustainable alternatives to the current food system.

Mothers & Others for a Livable Planet
40 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011
212/242-0010 ext. 305
Fax: 212/242-0545
E-mail: mothers@igc.apc.org
Contact: Betsy Lydon, Outreach Director
Features: A national non-profit education organization that affects lasting protection of health and the environment by mobilizing consumer support for environmentally sustainable choices in the marketplace and providing strategies for reducing individual and community consumption of natural resources.

Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture
5337 College Ave., Ste. 508
Oakland, CA 94618
Fax: 510/845-0861
E-mail: mesa@hooked.net
Contact: Lauren E. Augusta, Executive Director
Features: A non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of sustainable agriculture throughout the world, matches young farmers from abroad with host farmers in the US for a six or twelve month training experience.

National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides
701 E Street SE, Ste. 200
Washington, DC 20003-2841
Fax: 202/543-4791
E-mail: ncamp@igc.apc.org
Contact: Sarah Sullivan
Features: Serves as a national network committed to pesticide safety and the adoption of alternative pest management strategies which reduce or eliminate dependencies on toxic chemicals.

Natural Food Associates
PO Box 210
Atlanta, TX 75551
Fax: 903/796-4136
Contact: Bill Francis, Executive Director
Features: An international educational organization, recognized as one of the leading advocates of natural food and preventive medicine in America today.

Nature Farming Research & Development Foundation
6495 Santa Rosa Road
Lompoc, CA 93436
Fax: 805/736-9599
Contact: Cindy Douglas, Information Coordinator
Features: A non-profit organization dedicated to advancing natural agriculture, particularly Nature Farming developed by Mokichi Okada.

Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society
PO Box 736
Hartington, NE 68739
Fax: 402/254-6891
E-mail: criscarusi@aol.com
Contact: Chris Carusi, Executive Director
Features: A non-profit membership organization founded in 1987 to promote an agriculture that builds healthy land, people, communities and quality of life for present and future generations.

New England Land Link
PO Box 608
Belchertown, MA 01007
Fax: 413/323-9594
Contact: Kathy Ruhf
Features: Designed to help farmers and landowners locate two of the resources they need the most-farmland and farmers.

New England Small Farm Institute
PO Box 608
Belchertown, MA 01007
Fax: 413/323-9594
Contact: Judith Gillan or Kathryn Ruhf Features: A private, non-profit organization
founded in 1977 to promote the increased and sustainable use of the region's agricultural resources and to provide educational support and advocacy for New England's small farms.

New York Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
PO Box 6005
Albany, NY 12206-0005
Contact: Tracy Frisch, Coordinator
Features: A citizens' organization committed to public education and advocacy to reduce pesticide dependency and promote the empowerment of all people seeking to improve environmental health.

New Farms
HC 69, Box 62
Rociada, NM 87742
Fax: 505/425-8520
Contact: Alison Hobbs, Administrator
Features: A nonprofit sustainable agriculture center specializing in training, education, research and demonstration.

Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group
PO Box 608
Belchertown, MA 01007
Fax: 413/323-9594
E-mail: nesfi@ipc.agc.org
Contact: Kathy Ruhf, Coordinator
Features: A regional network of organizations and individuals that are working to create a sustainable regional food and farming system.

Northeast Workers on Organic Farms
PO Box 608
Belchertown, MA 01007
Fax: 413/323-9594
Contact: Judith Gillan
Features: A regional farm apprenticeship placement service, sponsored by the New England Small Farm Institute.

Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society
9824 79th Street Southeast
Fullerton, ND 58441
Fax: 701/883-4304
Contact: Thersa Podoll, Executive Secretary
Features: An educational organization that promotes sustainable/organic agriculture with members in North Dakota, South Dakota and neighboring states and provinces.

Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
PO Box 1393
Eugene, OR 97440
Fax: 503/344-6923
Contact: Gwendolyn Bane or Karen Murphy, Agriculture Program Associates
Features: A non-profit membership organization which has promoted the use of alternatives to pesticides since 1977.

Organic Farmers, British
86 Colston Street
Bristol, BS1 5BB
United Kingdom
Fax: 44-0117-9252504
Contact: Paul Adams, Membership Secretary
Features: Offers training, seminars, conferences, farm walks, advice, regional groups, computerized information and market support for our members in the United Kingdom.

Organic Farmers Information & Education Foundation
8364 S SR 39
Clayton, IN 46118
Fax: 317/539-4317
E-mail: cvof@iquest.net
Contact: Cissy Bowman
Features: Non-profit educational arm of the Organic Farmers Marketing Association (OFMA).

Organic Farmers Marketing Association
8364 S SR 39
Clayton, IN 46118
Mail to: PO Box 159
La Farge, WI 54639
Fax: 317/539-4317
E-mail: cvof@iquest.net; http://www.iquest.net/ofma/
Contact: Cissy Bowman, Secretary
Features: Represents a new cooperative approach towards enhancing organic supply and marketing.

Organic Farming Research Foundation
303 Potrero Street, Ste. 29-202
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Mail to: PO Box 440
Santa Cruz, CA 95061
Fax: 408/426-6670
Contact: Bob Scowcroft, Executive Director or Erica Walz, Program Coordinator
Features: A non-profit, public foundation founded to sponsor research related to organic farming, to disseminate research results to organic farmers and growers interested in adopting organic production systems and to educate the public and decision-makers about organic farming issues.

Organic Suppliers Advisory Council
PO Box 1078
Greenfield, MA 01302
Fax: 413/774-7511
E-mail: ota@igc.apc.org
Contact: Suzanne Vaupel, Coordinator
Features: A working sector group of the Organic Trade Association (OTA), bringing together marketers and producers of organic growing supplies to promote organic production and protect organic integrity.

Organic Trade Association
50 Miles Street
Greenfield, MA 01301
Mail to: PO Box 1098
Greenfield, MA 01302
Fax: 413/774-6432
E-mail: ota@igc.apc.org
Contact: Katherine T. DiMatteo, Executive Director
Features: Membership-based, including growers, retailers, manufacturers, certifiers, distributors, brokers, consultants, non-profits, encourages global sustainability through promoting and protecting growth of diverse organic trade.

Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute
PO Box 8396
Moscow, ID 83843
Fax: 208/882-8029
E-mail: pcei@moscow.com
Contact: Nancy Taylor, Sustainable Agriculture Director
Features: An 11 year old non-profit organization dedicated to preserving our natural resources and improving economic and social conditions in our rural areas.

6 Papaya Farms Road
Pahoa, HI 96778
Mail to: Rural Route 2, Box 3950
Pahoa, HI 96778
Fax: 808/965-7637
Contact: Zephyr
Features: A small farm, learning and consulting on how to expand and live sustainably in this abundant, rural, tropical setting.

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
114 West Main Street
Millheim, PA 16854
Mail to: PO Box 419
Millheim, PA 16854
Fax: 814/349-9840
Contact: Timothy Bowser, Executive Director
Features: A non-profit member-based organization actively promoting sustainable agriculture in Pennsylvania.

Pesticide Action Network North America Regional Center
116 New Montgomery, Ste. 810
San Francisco, CA 94105
Fax: 415/541-9253
E-mail: panna@panna.org; http://www.panna.org/panna/
Contact: Monica Moore, Executive Director or Ellen Hickey, Information Program Coordinator
Features: One of five regional coordination points throughout the world for a coalition of over 400 independent, autonomous citizen organizations working for pesticide reform in over 60 countries.

Provender Alliance
500 Kourt Drive
Eugene, OR 97404
Mail to: PO Box 10305
Eugene, OR 97440
Fax: 541/688-4493
E-mail: provender@aol.com; http://www.slnet.com/prov
Contact: Kathleen Downey, Executive Director
Features: A non-profit trade organization providing networking and education to natural foods and related companies doing business in the Northwestern North America.

Resource Efficient Agricultural Production/Canada
Box 125, Glenaladale House
Ste. Anne de Bellevue
PQ H9X 3V9 Canada
Fax: 514/398-7972
E-mail: reap@interlink.net
Contact: Roger Samson, Executive Director
Features: An independent non-profit research and educational organization, performing on-farm research on sustainable farming systems and biomass cropping systems for fiber and energy.

Rodale Institute Experimental Farm
611 Siegfriedale Road
Kutztown, PA 19530
Fax: 610/683-8548
E-mail: info@rodaleinst.org
Features: Working with people worldwide to achieve a regenerative food system that renews environmental and human health.

Rodale Press Inc.
135 North 6th Street
Emmaus, PA 18098
Fax: 610/967-8956
E-mail: tgettinl@rodalepress.com
Contact: T.L. Gettings, Director of Photography
Features: Maintains the world's largest, most complete collection of top quality color photographs of organic farmers, methods and machinery, livestock, marketing, farmers' markets, and more.

Rural Advancement Foundation International
PO Box 4672
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Fax: 919/929-7795
E-mail: HN1778@handsnet.org
Contact: J. Michael Sligh
Features: Dedicated to the preservation of family farms, the conservation of agricultural biodiversity, socially responsible use of new technology, safe food and sustainable agricultural systems.

Rural Development Center
1700 Old Stage Road
Salinas, CA 93908
Mail to: PO Box 5415
Salinas, CA 93915
Fax: 408/758-1469
E-mail: rdcfarm@aol.com
Contact: Jose Montenegro, Director or Andrea Ibarra, Youth & Garden Project Coordinator
Features: A community-based agricultural training and resource center which offers classes and an opportunity for practical education and experience with priority given to farm workers and low-income people in the Salinas Valley.

Casa de la Cultura,
10400 Caceres Jarandilla
Contact: Jose Luis Leceta
Features: An association of farmers and ranchers working to promote and develop sustainable agriculture within the Extremadura region of Spain.

Seed Savers Exchange
3076 North Winn Road
Decorah, IA 52101
Contact: Kent Whealy, Director
Features: A non-profit, grassroots organization of gardeners interested in preserving old time and heritage fruit and vegetable varieties.

Sustainable Agriculture Program/Ohio State University
1735 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
Fax: 614/292-2180
Contact: Clive A. Edwards or Jeff Dickinson
Features: Offers a farmer-to-farmer mentoring project throughout Ohio and interactions with the Innovative Farmers of Ohio Association, workshops, on-farm research, extensive research in soil ecology, and more.

Texas Organic Cotton Growers Association
Route 1, Box 72
Meadow, TX 79345
Fax: 806/585-6557
Contact: Mark Wilkes, President
Features: A non-profit organization comprised of the Texas Department of Agriculture certified organic cotton producers, as well as other businesses, professionals and supporters interested in organic cotton.

Texas Organic Growers Association
Route 1, Box 856
Kountze, TX 77625
Mail to: PO Box 15211
Austin, TX 78761
E-mail: togajay@aol.com
Contact: Jay Cockrell, Executive Director
Features: Providing education for the organic industry in Texas.

UC Davis Student Experimental Farm
Sustainable Agriculture Program
University of California
Davis, CA 95616
E-mail: mxvanhorn@ucdavis.edu
Contact: Mark Van Horn
Features: Offers courses, internships and research opportunities in sustainable agriculture, with an emphasis on small-scale, organic and third world systems.

University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program
University of California,258 Hunt Hall
Davis, CA 95616-8716
Fax: 916/754-8550
E-mail: sarep@ucdavis.edu; http://www.sarep.ucdavis.edu/
Contact: William C. Liebhardt, Director or Jill S. Auburn, Associate Director
Features: Initiated by the University in 1986 in response to farmer, consumer and researcher concerns that California farming practices be more ecologically sound, economically profitable and socially responsible.

Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture
9200 Edmonston Road, Ste. 117
Greenbelt, MD 20770-1551
Fax: 301/220-0164
Contact: Dr. I. Garth Youngberg, Executive Director
Features: A non-profit, tax-exempt, research and education organization established to encourage and facilitate the adoption of low-cost, resource-conserving, environmentally sound and economically viable farming systems.

Willing Workers on Organic Farms/UK
19 Bradford Road
Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1RB United Kingdom
Contact: Don Pynches, Coordinator
Features: Provides an inexpensive, flexible, self-help apprenticeship scheme and/or working holiday supplied by a network of enthusiasts throughout the United Kingdom.

Willing Workers on Organic Farms/Australia
Mount Murrindal Cooperative
Buchan, Victoria 3885
Contact: Lionel Pollard
Features: Learn about organic growing while working for your keep.

Wisconsin Natural Food Associates, Inc.
6616 Country Road I
Waunakee, WI 53597-9774
Contact: Esther Horsted, Executive Secretary
Features: Sponsors a two day annual convention and the "Approved Grower" program.

The information presented on this page is adapted from the 1997 National Organic Directory published by CAFF.

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